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Do your Resistance Bands Workouts and Resistance Bands Exercises BETTER with Bodylastics Pro Quality Bands. Featuring Super Heavy Duty Components, and Snap Guard Technology, our bands deliver Better Results and SAFETY!

Dear Friend…Welcome!

I am Blake Kassel, President of Bodylastics International Inc. Are you skeptical that elastic resistance bands could work all of your muscles as well as the HUGE weight machines? Well you should be. But I am here to tell you that you will love our products, and will end up loving our company, because you are going to get in amazing shape and save a ton of money at the same time.

If you are like me you have found out the hard way that before you make any buying decisions you should sit back for a second and do some research. Don't be shy! Come inside and see who we are. Take a look at what we do. Discover what we offer.

All the best!

Blake Kassel – President Bodylastics Int’l
February 25, 2015


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This product has exceeded my expectations. It's amazing. I used to swear by free weights and now your company has opened my eyes, I didn't experience one bit of joint pain even when I was struggling with the resistance.
David Bowman


I am a retired Police Officer that has gone back to work in Security at a College. I read all you have about your equipment and decided to take a chance. I am truly happy that I did. After just three weeks I feel the strength I have gained.
Jack Q. Young


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