August 01, 2016


Using Resistance Bands - Resistance Levels

There are many "Tricks Of the Trade" when it comes to Using Resistance Bands. For those who are moving from a Free Weight background there are some notable differences.

Common questions that we receive about using bands usually revolve around the weight ratings for the different color and size bands, how the bands get rated, and what are tension levels at the beginning and end of the exercises?

At Bodylastics International we use simple but effective testing devices (you'll laugh when you find out) to determine the appropriate weight ratings, so the Transition from free weights to bands is easy and accurate.

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April 14, 2016


50% More Effective Resistance Bands Back Exercises

Work your Back 50% harder and get exponentially better results when you make 1 simple modification to your resistance bands back exercises.

The back is involved with most of the pulling that your body performs on a daily basis and certainly with Back rowing or pulling exercises when you are working out. There is another muscle group that is also involved with pulling: the Biceps.

If you use your Biceps to assist or dominate your pulling exercises, the Back muscles will be left unused, unworked, and unavailable for change and growth. 

So, the ultimate goal is to take the Biceps OUT of the pulling and rowing exercises so that the back muscles take on the majority of the work. CLICK HERE to learn how to work your back muscles harder and better with resistance bands.

June 21, 2015

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Top 5 Mistakes With Resistance Bands That Could Cause Them To Snap

Resistance bands are an incredible tool for building and shaping your muscles. Not only are they super effective, but they are affordable as well. A good set of bands can last you for years, however, you need to use and treat them properly. Keep your bands in tip top shape by avoiding these 5 common mistakes:

1. Avoid "Sawing" your bands - Sawing is when you your bands are anchored and you alternate pulling one side of the band at a time, almost like a pulley. This action creates friction, and heat which can literally melt your bands.

2. Never wrap your bands around a hard stationary object - Resistance bands are made out of latex ( a soft material). When they are in contact with a hard surface and then stretched, the friction can literally can tear the latex.

3. Do not thread your bands through small hooks or wires - One of the most common mistakes with resistance bands is threading them through a wire fence, eyelet or ring to secure them. When they are stretched in this scenario, the securing object acts like a knife and literally cuts the band in half.

4. Do not shorten the bands to increase resistance - Most damage to resistance bands occurs when users shorten the length of the band, or stretch it further to create more resistance. This action can stretch the band beyond its elasticity and eventually create tears.

5. Do not leave your bands in direct sunlight, or in a dry environment - Latex is a natural material. Similar to other natural materials it will break down in direct sunlight, or dry out in hot and dry conditions.

Click Here for detailed tips on how to avoid the top 5 mistakes with Resistance Bands.



February 14, 2015


Muscle Building With Resistance Bands - 4 minute Muscle

One of the best and most effective techniques that can be used for building muscle with resistance bands is called "4 Minute Muscle". This technique was introduced by none other than the muscle building guru himself, Dr. Jim Stoppani. This muscle building strategy works by forcing you to push your muscles beyond their limits and place them under incredible loads, all in the course of 4 minutes. All of this incredible muscle work will bring size, strength and more power to your muscles - Guaranteed! You will work your muscle more during this quick 4 minutes than most people do in the gym in a half hour. Click Here to read more and try out a 4 minute muscle set.
August 14, 2014

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Resistance Bands Vs. Free Weights 1

If you are hesitant to change up your training from free weights to bands, it's understandable. Everyone has always told you that you HAVE to use free weights to build size. The experts are now singing a different tune. Bands have been proven to build muscle and actually have advantages over several other types of resistance INCLUDING FREE WEIGHTS. Bands will enable you to build quality muscle without the wear and tear on your joints, and therefore less injuries. Less injuries means less set backs, more training and better results. 

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