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Many of you that are looking at resistance bands for your workouts have that little shred of doubt that originates from the question, "can I build muscle with Resistance bands as well as I can build muscle with free weights?". It is valid question and one that can be answered with 2 words: BIG TIME! 

Some years ago, muscle building expert Jim Stoppani, formerly Senior Science editor at AMI Publications (Flex, Muscle and Fitness, Men's Health Etc..) and currently founder of Jym Supplement Science pieced together an article that tackled this exact subject. For those of you who do not know Jim, his brain is as big as his muscles, and he is a BIG guy! Jim actually studied effects of muscle building on rats at Yale University - yeah, he's that smart. In his article he cited several real world studies that supported the similarities and differences between elastic and free weight resistance, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages. 

To summarize his results Jim concluded that the benefits of elastic resistance bands for training were equal, if not superior to the benefits of free weight training. Click on the following link to read the whole article about elastic resistance vs. free weights.

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Blake Mooney
Blake Mooney

February 15, 2015

Hell yeah, I definitely prefer bands to free weights, I’d never go back after feeling the difference!! :D

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