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Circuit Training By Bodylastics - Turbocharge your Body Makeover

Before was born, we offered a super effective circuit training DVD. This circuit training workout is really amazing! We created the Bodylastics circuit training DVD after years of receiving requests to create a great,quick and easy follow along workout. This is not your typical exercise, aerobics or even exercise bands video. This workouts incorporates short but effective training circuits.


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Resistance bands Heather Testimonial  Heathers' personal trainer

  introduced her to Bodylastics

  and she lost 100 lbs.. while

  on the road for weeks at a time!



Here's what Heather had to
say? about Bodylastics:


"Dear Blake,

My name is Heather Presley-Shell I have struggled with weight all of my life.

Two years ago I hired a personal trainer at the time I was traveling a lot and she suggested that I get some bands for when I was traveling.

With her help we found Bodylastic Bands. The great thing about them is you have the DVD and that is like a personal trainer in your suitcase.

I have lost a total of 84 pounds I have a message for all of you women who think it can't be done with time and lots of effort on your part you can get the weight off.

My life is forever changed and it is thanks to my personal trainer and Bodylastics! Thank you Blake you truly are a blessing!"

Heather K. Presley-Shell


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