Why are Bodylastics Resistance Bands Better?

99.9% Snap Resistant
Compare Resistance Bands DGSLet's start with the #1 separator - Bodylastics Patented D.G.S. technology. D.G.S. stands for Distance Governor Safety and it is designed to make Bodylastics bands safer and sturdier than anything else available. What is it?  D.G.S. is a super strong "brake" system that lives inside every band.  This hidden addition to Bodylastics bands actually gives feedback to the user letting him/her know that the band is about to be overstretched, and then prevents it from happening.

The actual "governor" inside the band is a super strong braided cord, which is four times the length of the band.  This inner cord is no piece of thread. Each governor cord for each band has a tensile strength of 150 lbs. of pressure - that's some serious stopping power! Remember, the 150 lbs. of tensile strength is for each individual band, so as you combine bands the the D.G.S strength increases. When the cord is elongated to it's overall length it becomes rigid, like a rope and pulls against the ends of the band, which prevents the band from stretching further. The length of the governor cord was carefully chosen to allow safety stopping power without sacrificing range of motion for exercises.

You know that little voice in your head that tells you to be fearful of your band snapping - you can silence that voice. D.G.S. Technology by Bodylastics  - workout with confidence!


Okay, D.G.S. technology is cool but what

else makes Bodylastics better?


Bodylastics Quality IconQuality Quality Quality
Besides D.G.S. there are a whole host of features that really make Bodylastics resistance bands stand head and shoulders above the countless "me too" products, which have entered the market.

One of the features which sets Bodylastics bands above is the incredible quality.  Bodylastics International does not cut any corners with Bodylastics resistance bands systems. We can't!  Elastic tubing workout systems are in essence super high powered sling shots. Do you want one of your components to fail while you are pulling against a sling shot?  Absolutely not! All of our components are made for usability, strength and durability.  We have improved and continue to improve our product for one simple reason...we use it too! Take a look below of how our bands systems compare to our typical "look alike" competitors:


Heavy Duty Handles: Bodylastics created super strong handles to survive the intense punishment
that our elastics system can dish out. Our handles are wider (for comfort) than the industry standard
and incorporate materials that will not buckle or break.


compare resistance bands Handles


Quick Clips: Bodylastics was the first company to offer a bands clip system of this kind. Our clips are
custom designed for strength, easy of use and speed. All of these factors actually make a big difference
when you are moving through your workout routine. Bodylastics clips also have the weight equivalents
stamped on them to give a point of reference.

compare resistance bands Clips


Heavy Duty Bands: You have probably made it to this site because you are looking for a great resistance
bands system. In order for a bands system to be great it better have the best bands! Bodylastics bands are
created using Malaysian latex (the best quality) and the continuous dip method. This method creates
multiple layers like a hand dipped candle for the best durability and stretching.

compare resistance bands bands



Heavy Duty Door Anchor: Back in 1998 Bodylastics created a unique door anchor which would enable the user
to secure the bands at the side, top and bottom of the door. More positions means more exercises. Just like the
rest of the Bodylastics components the door anchor is made with heavy duty materials for strength and safety plus
extras to be gentle on the bands.

compare resistance bands Door Anchor



Heavy Duty Ankle Straps: Bodylastics premium padded ankle straps are designed to be super strong
and comfortable.  They have been custom designed so that you can use them for more applications
than just securing them around your ankle. Our straps can be used as wrist straps and thigh straps to
make special exercises like assisted pullups even possible.

compare resistance bands ankle straps




The Best Bands Workouts
Bodylastics International has been in business since 1998. Since we began selling Bodylastics systems we have continued to add content to help insure that our customers get the best workouts possible.  Although we offered a DVD, user manual, and online instructional help, we wanted to take it a step further. So at the end of 2009 we launched a groundbreaking new website called liveexercise.com. So far as we know, no other resistance bands company, heck, no exercise equipment company on the planet has anything like this.

Liveexercise.com presents "live" Bodylastics workout shows every day that continually change to keep the workouts fresh and effective. Can't make the "live" airing of a workout show, no problem!  Liveexercise.com archives every workout for On-Demand replay seconds after the show is over. Therefore you can watch it when it is right for YOUR schedule - no more excuses!

No stale workout shows filmed on a tripod here.  Liveexercise.com shows are filmed in such a way to give the feeling that the instructors (your workout partners) are in the room with you. NEVER workout alone again! Are you looking for muscle building shows?  We've got 'em! Cardio shows?  We've got 'em! Sports specific workouts?  Done!  Body Toning Shows? Yes! Click here to see more information about the Bodylastics "live" workouts


Below is a quick comparison chart of just a few of the important
differences between Bodylastics bands and everything else:


Bodylastics vs. Resistance Bands



In 1996 Bodylastics set out to create resistance bands that would outperform everything else on the market. After countless designs and prototypes the Bodylastics resistance band system was launched. To date we have sold over 600,000 units.


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