What's Included

Every Bodylastics system comes complete with a combination of our well designed and top quality components:


Super High Quality Exercise Tubes with DGS

Tubing with D.G.S. Anti-Snap Technology  – This is the most important component of every Bodylastics set. Tubing is tubing, right? Not exactly. There are many different methods for manufacturing latex tubes, some good – some not so good. Our newest systems incorporate the absolute best quality in the world!

We start with the best quality Malaysian liquid latex and then use the continuous dip method of manufacturing, which produces elastic tubes which feel better, look better and last longer.

Wait, we don't stop there! All Bodylastics elastic tubes now incorporate our super anti-snap technology called D.G.S. This amazing patented technology makes your Bodylastics elastic tubes 99.9% snap resistant.  Workout with confidence!



Resistance Bands Clip Systmem

Aluminum Carabiner Clips – To complete our tubes we attach our amazing aluminum quick clip at each end. These clips are custom made for our workout systems, and as an industry first include the weight equivalents printed right on them.


Resistance Bands Handles



Heavy Duty Handles – Our heavy duty handles are made with nylon inner cores (the strongest and most expensive plastic available) and have a soft foam cover. We tested tons of handles and ended up having these custom made to work best with our systems.

Each handle is 5 1/2 inches wide (much wider than the industry standard) and includes a heavy guage O-Ring at the end, to easily accommodate multiple elastics at the same time.





Resistance Bands Ankle Straps

Heavy Duty Ankle straps – Our padded ankle straps are about 8 inches wide and have velcro to keep them securely closed. They are designed to stay firmly in place during exercises yet allow for easy attachment and detachment.

These straps are about double the width and diameter than the industry standard. We did that for a reason…they work better and feel better. We found that a longer ankle strap was easier and more comfortable to use for upper body exercises without detracting from the stability needed for the lower body exercises. Just like the handles, each ankle straps features a heavy guage O ring.



Resitance Bands Door Anchor


Door Anchor – In 1997 we went to the drawing board to create a new type of door anchor which would enable the bands to be safely attached to the top, side AND bottom of the door. After testing many designs we chose the one which comes with every Bodylastics system.

This amazing little component will not harm your door but will help you create exercises that you never thought possible.






User Book – Inside this thick 76 page resource, you will find over 126 exercises.

Each exercise is highlighted with detailed yet easy to understand instruction. In addition, you will find preset programs for general fitness, specific body parts and even sports like tennis, golf and baseball.







Storage Bag – The bag that comes with smaller Bodylastics systems is a 13 inch square and includes a velcro closure at the top. All of the metrials used are heavy duty and manufactured to last.

When the complete systems are packed in the bags, they take up the same amount of room as a pair of shoes!



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