Bodylastics Door Anchor

The door anchor is a Bodylastics component that will enable you to attach your Bodylastics to any door that closes. This simple yet important feature will give you the ability to mimick the best gym exercises.

Bodylastics Door Anchor Action Shot

The Original multi-point door anchor - Back in 1996 when we first began designing the Bodylastics system we wanted to create a door attachment device which would be effective on all sides of the door, not just the side. So we ordered some nylon webbing and some pool water noodles (yep, it was prototype time).  What we designed and developed is now the standard in the industry and is copied by just about every one of our competitors.  We will assure you, however, that it is better to have the original :)


The Bodylastics Door Anchor

Bodylastics Door Anchor


The Bodylastics Door Anchor is 15 inches long and is made out of multi woven nylon webbing, soft foam, neoprene and a nylon core. It will NOT harm your door and is designed to stay secure! When you combine this amazing component with our D.G.S. Anti-Snap elastics and heavy duty clip system and, you have a compact muscle working machine that has no equal.


Here is a good video which shows how the Bodylastics
door anchor works and should be used:

Here’s a good Top and Side view of the door anchor:


Door Anchor Top View Door Anchor Side View



Securing Bodylastics to the door with the anchor is easy:


Step 1: Open the door

Door Anchor Setup Step 1



Step 2: Go behind the door and thread the loop of the anchor
through the opening on the hinge side.

Door Anchor Setup Step 2



Step 3: Open the loop of the door anchor

Door Anchor Setup Step 3



Step 4: Thread your elastic(s) through the loop of
the door anchor

Door Anchor Setup Step 4




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