Exercise Bands By Bodylastics With D.G.S.

***NEW Super Secure Anti-Snap technology
Now every Bodylastics band ships with our patented
Exercise Bands DGS Anti Snap TechnologyD.G.S. anti-snap technoplogy built right in. D.G.S. stands
for Distance Governor Safety and it will actually help prevent
you from overstretching and snapping your bands. D.G.S.
actually acts like brakes for your bands telling you "Hey, you
are stretching me too far and I am not going to
let you".

You know that fear in the back of your mind that a band will
snap and hit you during a workout?  Gone!

How does D.G.S. it work? Inside of every band there is a
super strong (150 lbs. + of tensile strength, strong) inner line
that is 4x the length of the band.

Since 1998 we have strived to make our elastics virtually
unsnappable. D.G.S. Technology has helped us get one
step closer to that goal.


Bodylastics Max Tension XT


You've NEVER used exercise bands like this before!

Bodylastics offers complete exercise bands solutions. Not only do our exercise band systems generate from 15 to over 100 levels of resistance (system specific) but the well designed components (all included) will enable you to recreate the best gym exercises almost anywhere. We designed our bands to be more effective than our competition. See a side by side comparison of exercise bands.



Exercise Bands WorkoutsThe Best Exercise Bands Workouts.
What would the best exercise bands be without the best exercise bands workouts?  There was always a big disconnect with our customers after they ordered the system and recieved it.  Sure we have free instructional videos at strengthbanduniversity.com, but commonly people would receive the system and then say "okay, now what?"  Well, those days are over!

In November of 2009, Bodylastics International Inc. Launched liveexercise.com.  This site features daily "live" and "on-demand" workout shows that use the Bodylastics system. There are shows to help with almost any fitness goal. Muscle building, MMA Training, body toning, sport specific - they're all there!



Below are some of shows that you will find on liveexercise.com

 Muscle Building Header    Body Toning Header
Exercise Bands Chiseled Workout
Exercise Bands Ab Workout
Exercise Bands Teen Workout
        Exercise Bands Toning Workout
Exercise Bands Pilates Workout
 Sport Specific Header   Cardio Header
Exercise Bands Football Workout
Exercise Bands MMA show
Exercise Bands Baseball Workout
  Exercise Bands Plyometrics Workout
Exercise Bands Kick Boxing Workout

Let's recap the benefits of Bodylastics Exercise Bands:

  1. Ultra-snap resistant with D.G.S. technology

  2. Free Daily Live and On-Demand workout shows for almost every goal

  3. Can be compared to the best home gyms and health clubs

  4. Can recreate over 140 of the best gym exercises

  5. Comes with one of the best user manuals (This thing is a book!) available

  6. Can connect safely to any door

  7. Can accomodate all strength levels


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