Exercise Tubes with D.G.S.

Exercise Tubes DGS Technology Cut Away

Patented Super Safe Anti-Snap Design
In 2011 Bodylastics launched game changing exercise tubes technology.  The technology is called D.G.S., which stands for Distance Governor Safety.

What is D.G.S. technology? To put it simply, it is a fail safe system that will prevent your tubes from being overstretched, and eventually snapping.  The number one reason why exercise tubes snap is because the user stetches them beyond their limits. When a tube is stretched too far, small tears are created. These tears get worse with continued use, and eventually lead to a snap.

D.G.S. exercise tubes include a super strong braided line (over 150 lbs of tensile strength) inside every tube. This line can be elongated to 4 times the tubes length before it becomes taught.  When the line is fully extended it will prevent the elastic from being stretched any further. So, every Bodylastics tube in your system will actually give you feedback and stop overstretching before damage occurs.



Exercise tubes are an effective alternative to free weights and a favorite in many fitness classes.

Bodylastics exercise tubes have been the category leader since 1998.  Year after year we have made improvements to insure that our products provide the ultimate workouts. We offer complete exercise tubes solutions. One exercise tube is good but a system will enable you to recreate the best gym exercises and make changes to your body that you never thought possible. Click Here to Compare Bodylastics exercise tubes systems to the competition

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Multiple Exercise Tubes Clipped




Quick Clip System
In addition to D.G.S. technology all Bodylastics elastics include the Quick Clip system which will enable you to add or subtract resistance just like free weights or plate loaded machines. Pictured on the left is a great example of how the clip system works:




Amazing Free Workouts
Now for the best part of all, the best exercise tubes
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That's why we created a special website called
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Check out the other highlights of this incredible product:


The versatile door anchor - Recreate the best gym exercises almost anywhere

Super effective arm exercises,  chest exercises, leg exercises, arm exercises,
shoulder exercises, back exercises and abs exercises

Our industry leading lifetime warranty and 90 day satisfaction guarantee



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