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Move over normal exercise tubing!  Here comes the newest generation of Bodylastics tubing with Patented D.G.S. Technology. What is D.G.S technology? D.G.S. stands for Distance Governor Safety and it is a new feature which is designed to prevent exercise tubing from snapping. How does it work? D.G.S. is an ultra strong braided cord (inside of every tube) which regulates the distance that the tubing can be stretched.  The most common reason that exercise tubing snaps or breaks is because it is overstretched, which damages the rubber.

In the past there was no way to let the user know that the tubing was going to be overstretched.  Bodylastics exercise tubing actually gives feedback to the user. Once the inner cord is fully elongated, it will prevent additional stretching of the outer tubing, with stopping power of over 150 lbs. of pressure.  Since the tubing is prevented from overstretching the chances of snapping is reduced to extremely low levels.


Multiple Tubing Clipped

The Right amount of resistance every time!
In 1996 Bodylastics International began working on a new design for exercise tubing that would bring this convenient workout tool to the next level. Back then all exercise tubing had handles permamently attached to each end.  That design was extremely limiting since the user could only create one level of tension. Would you use a 5 lb. dumbell to work and challenge all of your muscle groups?  Definitely not!  While some may get a good amount of work, others won't. 

The Bodylastics quick clip system enables the user to add or subtract tubing resistance to properly challenge all muscle groups, similar to plate loaded free weights and selectorized weight machines.



Exercise Tubing Workouts

The Best Exercise Tubing Workouts
Yes, it's true, we here at Bodylastics international Inc. feel that our exercise tubing is the absolute best, however what good are the greatest exercise tubing systems without the greatest exercise tubing workouts?  Please let us introduce you to our FREE sister site liveexercise.com, the home for the greatest exercise tubing workouts on the planet. This amazing super site hosts live workouts that are designed to take advantage of the benefits of Bodylastics Systems. Muscle Building, Body Toning, Pilates, Abs Workout, Kenpo Kickboxing, Plyometrics, Football Training, Baseball Training, they're all there!  It's real simple, you go to liveexercise.com...you turn on a show...you follow along - you see results!


Below are the shows that are available on liveexercise.com. Click on an image to see a preview of a specific show:


 Muscle Building Header    Body Toning Header

Exercise Tubing Muscle Building Workout Show
Exercise Tubing Eight Pack Abs Workout Show
Exercise Tubing Teen Workout Show

  Exercise Tubing Toning Workout Show
Exercise Tubing Pilates Workout Show
 Sport Specific Header   Cardio Header

Exercise Tubing MMA Workout
Exercise Tubing Football Workout Show
Exercise Tubing Baseball Workout Show


Exercise Tubing Cardio Workout Show
Exercise Tubing Kickboxing Workout Show

Bodylastics offers Exercise tubing systems that are designed and built to be the industry standard. 

No cutting corners allowed for our products. Every tube, every component uses the best and strongest materials available.

Bodylastics International Inc. is never satisfied and we are always looking for ways to improve the product. D.G.S Anti-Snap technology is another example of our efforts to give our customers the most for their money.




Other product highlights:

Portable and versatile with virtually unlimited uses

Cost much less than other exercise equipment sold with claims of achieving similar results

Free video workouts, instruction and coaching

A 76 page user book included with every system


If you need further visuals to show the versatility of the Bodylastics exercise tubing
system take a look below at a commercial that we ran in 2000.  The product is an
older model but the demonstrations still hold true.

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