Below you will find many frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Is Bodylastics really effective?
A: Big time! Elastic resistance, the “engine”, of the Bodylastics system, creates tension and stress on your muscle as your muscle is moving. This may not sound good, but it actually is! Your muscle will change in strength and shape by the principle of adaptation. This means that when you create new stresses on the muscle it will have to adapt to those stresses. Here’s a great example – have you ever seen a skinny steel worker. No, why? Because their bodies have to adapt to carrying huge heavy pieces of steel.

Q: How does elastic resistance compare to free weights?
A: Let’s start this answer by stating a fact: your muscles are blind. Your muscle does not know whether you are lifting a free weight, a weight stack from a machine or stretching elastic exercise tubes. It only knows that it is working against resistance, not what type of resistance. Also, similar to some of the best weight machines, elastic resistance actually has an advantage. As you stretch it, it becomes more difficult which means that you are placing more stress on the muscle at the right time.

Q: Will I get too bulky from working out with Bodylastics?
A: This question usually comes from women who are afraid to look like the bodybuilding women that they see in the media. To answer the question, no, you will not get too bulky. In order for you to look like the huge bodybuilding women you would have to take male hormones, yes, steroids. Don’t get me wrong, by doing exercise with very high resistance levels you can add some bulk to your frame. This can all be avoided though by keeping the resistance levels low and the repetitions high.

Q: How durable is Bodylastics?
A: We have spent 11 years tooling and retooling this system so that it is incredibly durable. Our current elastics are 99.9% snap resistant due to our new patented D.G.S. Technology. 

Q: How long will Bodylastics last?
A: This is a hard question to answer. There are many factors which contribute to the answer. I always compare exercise bands to sneakers (both are rubber products). If you wear your sneakers every day and you are hard on them – they could last 6 months – or more. If you wear your sneakers often but you treat them well they could last for years. We have plenty of customers who are still using their Bodylastics system after 3 to 4 years. In the case that you do snap an elastic, Bodylastics offers single replacement elastic tubes so that you will not have to buy a complete new set.

Q: How long will it take before I start to see results?
A: You must at least give yourself three to four weeks (probably closer to four) before you start to see and feel real improvements.

Q: If I need more, can I buy individual elastics?
A: Yes. You can buy replacement and individual elastics by clicking here

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