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Fitness Bands DGS Cutaway99% Snap Resistant
In early 2011 Bodylastics began selling all fitness bands with Patented D.G.S. Anti-snap technology. This amazing "stealth" addition to every band actually acts like brakes to indicate that the band is being overstretched and then prevent that act from happening.  Although Bodylastics bands were designed to be super snap resistant without D.G.S. we wanted to take it one step further.

D.G.S. Stands for Distance Governor Safety. It utilizes a super strong braided inner line that lives inside of every band.  This inner line will stretch out to four times the length of the band and then stops with incredible power of 150 lbs. of tensile strength.  The D.G.S. line stops the band from being overstertched and therefore prevents possible damage and snapping.

Hey we're not saying that it will never ever happen - but now your chances are significantly less.


The Premiere Fitness Bands Systems
Bodylastics manufactures and sells fitness bands systems that are designed to enable the user to attain workouts unrivaled by any other fitness band or exercise equipment products. Click here to compare Bodylastics to other fitness bands

The superiority in the design is no accident.  The folks at Bodylastics International Inc. actually use these fitness bands and therefore have modified the product year after year to improve their own workouts. Better workouts for the designers translates to better workouts for every customer.



Amazing Fitness Bands Workouts      

You can have the most incredible fitness product in the world, however, if you don't use it, it will be a waste. There are three main reasons why people end up using their exercise equipment as clothing racks.  One: They do not know how to use the equipment. Two: They lack the motivation. Three: They do not like to workout alone.

Bodylastics International actually wants you to use your fitness bands. So, we created a special site to offer incredible FREE "live" and on demand workouts that are fun and super effective.  Even better you will have thousands of workout partners just like you, encouraging you and cheering you on.

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Our system is so effective, we offer our famous too good to be true satisfaction guarantee

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