Fitness Tubes

Fitness tubes are an invaluable source of resistance. Using fitness tubes for daily exercise not only strengthens the muscles but they work your body unlike any home gym. Lightweight and portable fitness tubes allow you to get a full body work out whenever and where ever you are.




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Why should you consider our fitness tubes for your exercise and workouts?

  • Fitness Tubes System by BodylasticsOur Fitness Tubes are made using the continuous dip method - The most durable and best quality - period!
  • Our Fitness Tubes come with heavy duty metal clips that show you the weight equivalents for each tube
  • Our Fitness Tubes are compact for travel!
  • Our Fitness Tubes provide Gym Like exercises guaranteed to give you a great workout!
  • Our Fitness Tubes come with our famous too good to be true Guarantee!
  • Our Fitness Tubes can be used to strengthen the arms, shoulders, back and legs safely and conveniently
  • Our fitness tubes have the best content in the industry - FREE workouts streamed over the internet almost every day of the week


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