The Ultimate Travel Gym

The worlds premiere travel gym is made and sold by Bodylastics International Inc.

A Home Gym can enable you to train comfortably in the privacy of your own home, however, that same home gym cannot be packed in your suitcase and taken on the road. Home gyms are also limited by the number of exercises you can perform on them, Bodylastics is the Travel Gym that provides you endless variations of quality gym exercises. The top home gyms cannot come close to Bodylastics Travel Gym which starts at only $45.95!

Great things DO come in small packages! It is hard to believe that a travel gym that weighs only 1.5 lbs can be as effective as a home gym system weighing hundreds even thousands of pounds, but it is 100% true.

The Bodylastics home/travel gym uses an incredibly light but smooth source of resistance, elastic tubes. We designed our unique workout machine to harness the resistance properties of elastic tubes with a unique clip system. The clip system enables our travel gym to adjust to all strength levels and recreate the most effective and popular health club exercises.


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Bodylastics travel gym is so compact it will go anywhere that you go! At the gym - At home
At the office - At a hotel Outside - On a city bus - Anywhere!

Bodylastics Travel Gym


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