How Bodylastics Works

Why is our home gym so much more effective than everything else on the market? The answer lies in our unique and well designed system. Bodylastics’ unequaled combination of components enables it to become a multidimensional muscle working machine. There are two main aspects of this design which make it comparable to the best home gyms. Click on a photo below to find out more:



This amazing little component that we invented will enable you to recreate the best gym exercises almost anywhere.   Attach our door anchor to the side top and bottom of the door.Bodylastics Door Anchor

CLICK HERE to see how the door anchor works >>


In 1996 we reinvented resistance bands by adding a clip system. This made our bands combinable and therefore SUPER effective.
Bodylastics Resistance Bands

CLICK HERE to see how the clip system works >>



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