Assisted Reverse Grip Pull Up With Clip Resistance Bands


1 Arm Bent Over Row (Lawn Mower) Assisted Pull Ups Assisted Reverse Grip Pull Ups Bent Over Back Row (Heavy Pants) Kneeling 1 Arm Back Row Kneeling Back Row Kneeling Straight Arm Lat Extension Lying Lat Pull Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown Seated Back Row (High) Squatted Back Row Standing One Arm Back Row Standing Back Extension Standing Back Extension (Handle)Wide Grip Lat Pull Down

Assisted Reverse Grip Pull Ups

Description: Reverse Grip Pull Ups also known as chin ups work the Biceps, but more importantly, the Latissimus Dorsi muscle, which creates the V-Taper shape in the physique. The problem with this exercise is that most people cannot do many - until now! Adding elastic resistance bands to assist with this exercise will enable you to do more reps, to get better results.

Area Targeted: Outer back


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