Chest Flys With Clip resistance Bands


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Crossover Chest Fly

Area Targeted: Middle Chest
Set up:
Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at waist height.
Bands: Attach a handle to each end of the band(s).
Body Positioning: Grip a handle in each hand. Now stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door, with your back to the door. Keep your back straight, head straight and chest up. Position your arms up (parallel with the floor) and with a slight bend. Your arms should also be back (elbows even with your shoulders).
Movement: Pull the handles out and around, until your arms are in front of your body. Cross one hand below the other at the end of the movement. Alternate which arm crosses on top for every repetition. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.
Points To Remember: 
1. Keep your arms frozen with a slight bend in your elbows throughout the movement.


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