Heavy Duty Band Barrier Resistance Bands Protector

Great for: Protecting your bands on rough surfaces
What's included: 1 Band Barrier

Key Points:
1. PROTECT YOUR BANDS - The Bodylastics band barrier was designed to protect resistance bands from damage due to friction with rough surfaces. 
2. SUPER STRONG HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - The Bodylastics Band Barrier is designed and manufactured to be super strong. Each Band Barrier is made with strong nylon fabric, heavy duty stitching, top quality neoprene padding, and high quality velcro.
3. SUPER EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE - To secure the Band Barrier around your bands, you open the velcro enclosure, lay your bands over the padded surface and then close the velcro - That's it!
4. SAFE FOR YOUR YOUR BANDS - The inner surface of the Band Barrier is lined with neoprene padding. This will help preserve your bands by creating a soft surface for them to press against when they are stretched.