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Resistance Bands SystemBand Systems = Better Workouts
Bodylastics International Inc. offers complete resistance bands solutions. Single resistance bands are good, however, they can be limiting.  One resistance band will create one level of tension. Would you try to shape your entire body with one five pound dumbbell? No way!  The same principles apply for resistance bands.

Bodylastics systems are adjustable so that the user can create the right amount of resistance for every muscle group. Every Bodylastics band includes the quick clip system. This simple yet effective improvement will enable you to adjust your resistance just like with free weights or a plate loaded machine.


99.9% snap resistant bands with D.G.S. technology by Bodylastics.The best just got better...again!
Now every Bodylastics elastic that is shipped with a Bodylastics System comes with our Patented D.G.S. Anti-Snap technology.  What is D.G.S technology? D.G.S. stands for Distance Governor Safety and it works by acting like a powerful system of "brakes" for your bands.

Resistance Bands Anti Snap In Action

Workout With Confidence!
One of the most common reasons why resistance bands snap is
because the user unknowingly stretches them beyond their
Resistance Bands DGS Cutawaycapabilities. When the band is overstretched, it begins to tear and
eventually snaps.  Although we improved the design of our elastics
year after year to minimize snapping, we were still not satisfied.

So, in 1998 we began work on a new technology that would
actually give feedback to the user and prevent the bands from being
overstretched. Every D.G.S. Bodylastics resistance band hides a
superstrong braided cord on the inside.  This cord is no ordinary
piece of thread, it was chosed for it's strength and can withstand
tension up to 150 lbs!  Now that is serious stopping power!

The cord is four times the length of the band (the maximum length
that you should stretch any elastic) and is securely attached at each
end.  When the user tries to stretch the band past the length of the
cord, it stops elongating like a rope.  It's almost like your band tells
you "hey you are about to overstretch me, which will cause me to
snap, and I am not going to let you!"

Remember each band has the D.G.S technology system installed,
so as you combine elastics you are adding to the anti-snap



Resistance Bands Workouts
The Best Resistance Bands Workouts!
Bodylastics International Inc. strives to offer the best resistance bands on the market - period!  However, the greatest tool for shaping and molding your body would be useless without proper guidance and therefore workouts. That's why in 2009 we launched a website to provide the greatest workouts on the planet.  The website is called and it offers FREE cutting edge workouts for every fitness goal. We could talk for hours about how great the liveexercise workout shows really are, however, we think it's better for you to see for yourself. Simply click on a show image below to see a promo video clip:


Resistance Bands Muscle Building
Resistance Bands Muscle building Workout
Resistance Bands Abs Workout
Resistance Bands Teen Workout
  Resistance Bands Body Toning
Resistance Bands Toning Workout
Resistance Bands Pilates Workout
Resistance Bands Sport Specific Workouts
Resistance Bands MMA Workout
Resistance Bands Football Workout
Resistance Bands Baseball Workout
  Resistance Bands Cardio
Resistance Bands Plyometrics
Resistance Bands Kickboxing Workout


More Bodylastics Resistance bands Highlights

Bodylastics are designed to be more effective than anything else on the market.  Here are some additional highights:


Compare us to other resistance bands. Get all of the benefits of the huge gym machines but with an affordable resistance bands system that is the size of a pair of shoes.

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our TV commercial from 1999

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