Strength Training Equipment

Strength training equipment by Bodylastics - strength training for the masses! In 1998 Bodylastics International launched the Bodylastics all-in-one strength training equipment system. The main mission of the company was to produce a super effective strength training machine that would be affordable and compact. Time and time again the medical and fitness community have confirmed the numerous physical benefits that can be achieved through strength training.

How does the Bodylastics strength training equipment work? Bodylastics uses elastic tubing to create tension. When you work your muscles against this tension they become challenged and therefore have to adapt. How do they adapt? They become bigger and therefore stronger and tighter. This is the theory of adaptation - and it works. Bodylastics comes complete so that you can use our amazing, smooth tension to recreate the most effective and popular gym exercises.



Strength Training Equipment ClipBodylastics strength training equipment incorporates the adjustable clip system so that every muscle group gets the right amount of resistance



Want to see what Bodylastics strength training
equipment is all about? Click the "play" button below:



Exclusive!! Every strength training equipment system that we sell comes with FREE strength training online workouts. This amazing resource not only gives you video instruction for 140 fitness tube exercises but it provides specific routines for general fitness, sports and lifestyle.



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