Free Video Instruction

In 2006, Bodylastics International launched Strength Band University. Strength band university is an online learning center that features over 140 strength band exercises with video and audio instruction. Best of all, every Bodylastics customer receives at least 1 year free tuition - a $120 value!!!

This amazing site is like having your own private Bodylastics exercise instructor whenever you need one. Not only do we highlight amazing exercises for every muscle group, but we tell you exactly which exercises to perform for every sport and lifestyle goal. Whether you are looking to excel at Golf, Tennis, Baseball, or Martial Arts, we have a program that will help you take your performance to the next level.

Below is an example page from within Every exercise has its own page which includes written instructions, video with verbal coaching, and an anatomy picture to identify which muscle group is being targeted.


Strength Band University



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