What Is It (Bodylastics)

Bodylastics - The Best Home Gym


The Best Home Gym You Will Ever Own!
Bodylastics is a complete home gym system that generates
resistance with super high quality resistance bands. We
designed this system in 1996 to outperform the most popular
and expensive large bulky home gyms.



Bodylastics Clip System

Smoothest Resistance
When we were first developing the Bodylastics Home Gym System, we searched for the smoothest source of resistance on the planet. Well, we found it - Elastic tubing. Not only is elastic tubing super smooth when you stretch it, but it is incredibly light and flexible. That means it is easy to store - no extra room needed!

Once we decided that elastic tubing would be our resistance "engine", we set out to design a system that could create several levels of tension. This would enable users of all strength levels to get the best results possible. So, we created the Bodylastics Quick Clip System. Our elastics have solid aluminum clips secured to the ends so that they can be easily attached to handles and ankle straps. This simple yet effective design gives users the ability to generate from 15 to over 120 levels of tension (depending on which set you order) - Click Here to see how the clip system works


Bodylastics DGS Anti Snap Cutaway99% Snap Resistant
We are very proud to introduce you to the next generation Bodylastics resistance bands that incoporate our patented D.G.S. technology. D.G.S. is short for Distance Governor Safety, and is a system that prevents the user from overstretching the bands to the point of breaking. Each and every elastic band that ships with your Bodylastics system now incorporates this snap-resistant technology.

Bodylastics D.G.S. technology actually provides instant feedback to the user indicating that the band is about to snap and then prevents it from happening. How does D.G.S. work? Inside every band is a super tough braided cord that is four times the length of the band. This cord is attached to the ends of band in a special way so that when it is fully elongated, it will prevent further stretching. The braided cord provides instant stopping power and up to an incredible 150 lbs. of pressure.


Liveexercise.com LogoThe Best Home Gym Workouts - FREE!
What good is the best home gym if you are left without the best workouts?  Bodylastics systems can be ordered with DVDs, however we wanted to take it a step further.  So, at the end of 2009 we launched liveexercise.com, a workout video supersite that features FREE cutting edge "live" workouts every day. These workouts incorporate Bodylastics Resistance Bands Systems and are designed to produce results.

Irregardless of your goal, we have a workout show for you!  Muscle building, Kickboxing, Pilates, Toning, Plyometrics, Football, Abs, Baseball, Teenage workouts, they're all there.  It's really simple...you acquire your Bodylastics System...you turn on a liveexercise.com show...you follow along...you see results! Click Here to see video promos for the shows



Systems starting under $50!

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