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Find out why the USA Military, NFL Teams and Personal Trainers from around the globe prefer our Resistance Bands over everything else!
The bottom line: it costs us more to make our bands, but that’s why they Outlast and Outperform All Other Resistance Bands on the market, period!
Dear Friend…Welcome!

I am Blake Kassel, the Founder of Bodylastics International. Are you skeptical that elastic exercise bands could be as durable and effective as Dumbbells, Barbells or big weight machines?

Well you should be. But I am here to tell you that you will love our products, and will end up loving our company, because you are going to get in amazing shape with affordable workout equipment that is safe and built to last.

My Story (The first part may be like yours) 

Yes, that was me at 21 years old in 1990 (Seems like a lifetime ago ). Back then I believed that I knew everything about resistance training. I thought that using free weights was the ONLY way that you could build quality muscle.

If anyone had told me back then that they used Resistance Bands for muscle building I would have laughed. I most likely would have explained that "You can't build muscle with bands". I was ignorant and young!  
Then in 1994, during a personal Training Certification course I learned about a great resistance tool to use with your clients - Surgical Tubing, (Resistance Bands!) My Mind was cranking. So, in 1996 I invented a stackable, clipable bands design. Soon after, the first Bodylastics system was launched (1998). Admission: While I Launched Bodylastics as a great training tool for everyone else, I myself was still a Free Weights Guy.

Well, you've heard the story before:

life can swallow you up. In the years that followed the launch of Bodylastics I became overwhelmed with life, unhealthy and out of shape. This was certainly embarrassing as I owned a fitness equipment company 🙁

My workouts were few and far between and my joints hurt! So, in 2008 I fulfilled my destiny and began using my own product to rebuild my body.

Fast Forward To Today

I am 48 years old and in the best shape of my life! Oh yeah, I give the 25 years olds a run for their money!

I'm not alone. Since we launched the first Bodylastics Super System 18 years ago, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people create the type of body that THEY visualized having.

I am 100% positive that we can going to help you too!
Come inside and see who we are. Take a look at what we do. Discover what we offer.
All The Best!
Blake Kassel – President Bodylastics Int’l
February 5th, 2018
Meet the original, and our signature
Stackable Bodylastics Bands

You're Not Going To
Find Quality Like This!

Let's face it, you're not buying resistance bands to get average results. So, you need bands that are anything but average. Bodylastics are not your average Resistance Bands!

Resistance Bands
We don't manufacture and build our systems to be alternatives to copy cat band sets, we build our bands sets to be alternatives to the best Dumbbells, Barbells and the Large Weight Machines. 

All of the materials utilized in our components are heavy duty. Our systems are not toys, but serious muscle working, life changing machines.
Outstanding Features:
Best in Class Latex Tubes - The construction of our tubes starts with the best quality liquid latex from Malaysia. We take this amazing latex and run it through the Continuous Dip Process, which creates multiple layers to develop the wall thickness.

Commercial Grade Hardware - All of the hardware (Clips and O-rings) that is incorporated into Bodylastics systems is welded and heavy gauge. You typically will find this level of metal work on gym machines rather than a resistance bands set.

Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing - All of the nylon webbing that is used to create our components (Handle/Ankle Straps/Anchors) is thick, woven and chosen because it can withstand great amounts of resistance.
Recent Facebook Comments:
Game Changing Anti-Snap Technology
Resistance Bands Anti-Snap Technology
Every Bodylastics Tube Resistance Band comes with our Patented and ground
breaking safety system that makes our bands super resistant to snapping.

Snap Guard

Back in 2010 we invented a new technology that would change Resistance Tube Bands forever. It's and Anti-snap design called "Snap Guard", or DGS, and utilizes a super strong inelastic cord that lives inside every band.

This cord prevents snapping and injury in 2 ways:
1. - It prevents the user from over stretching the band, which is the leading cause of tears in the bands.
2. - It prevents the band from flying at the face or extremities in the rare case that the band does snap.
Snap Guard Anti-Snap Technology
The BEST Exercises - No Compromises
You arrived at this site because you are looking for a Resistance Band Product to exercise your body, which will in turn make you look and feel better, right? Well, first and foremost, what should an exercise product be able to provide? Exercises!!!Below is merely a tiny sample of top gym exercises that you can perform with Bodylastics. We’re not talking about make-shift exercises that kind of do the same thing as the $20,000 machines, we are talking about the exact same exercises.
Chest Exercises With Resistance Bands
Back Exercises With Resistance Bands
Biceps Exercises With Resistance Bands
Legs Exercises With Resistance Bands
Shoulder Exercises With Resistance Bands
Triceps Exercises With Resistance Bands
Abs Exercises With Resistance Bands
Make These Exercises 50% More Effective

Resistance Bands Workouts Store

Yes, our resistance bands are amazing, HOWEVER, they will be no good to you if you do not use them to their fullest potential.

That's why in 2009, we began shooting "LIVE" workouts with Bodylastics bands, and eventually the rest of our products. Who better to lead the workouts than the company that invented and manufactures the equipment?

These workouts are NOW available for purchase and download in our Resistance Bands Video Workouts Store. 
Resistance Bands Workout Videos
How do Bodylastics Resistance Bands work?
How does Bodylastics work? How can it create so many exercises? The secret is in our unique and well planned design. 

The two main features that make this product so versatile are the Bodylastics door anchor and Quick Clip System. An explanation for each is highlighted below:
Main Feature #1: Door Anchor
Years ago we invented the best door anchor in the world. This unique component is included with every Bodylastics system. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

You place the large form piece on the opposite side of the door and then close the door (the door should close towards you). All that comes through between the door and the door frame is the loop
Door Anchor Set Up Step 1

Step 2

Simply Thread the resistance band through the loop
Door Anchor Set Up Step 2
Main Feature #2: Stackable Clip System
Before the introduction of Bodylastics in 1998, Resistance Band workouts were very limiting. There was simply no way to adjust the tension like with free weights and machines. So, we came up with the Quick Clip System. Here's How it works:

Clip 1 Band

For 1 Level of resistance
Stackable Resistance Bands Set Up Step 1

Or Clip On and "Stack" Multiple Bands

For Increased levels of tension
Stackable Resistance Bands Set Up Step 2
The “WOW!” Factor
When I first started selling Bodylastics, I would show it to all of my friends. So many of them looked at the system and snickered. I’d say “okay wise guy, give it a try.” I would clip on 4 elastics and have them perform a Biceps Curl. Without exaggeration 100% of them said “wow!” and then wanted to buy one.

Our Resistance Band systems don’t look like they can give you a workout like free weights. In this case looks are definitely deceiving. You will just have to trust me on this one. I have never seen anyone who was not pleasantly shocked on the very first repetition with this product. This system is unlike any elastic or elastic home gym system that you have ever tried – I guarantee it!

In 2002 we had a booth at the Arnold Classic in Ohio. This is one of the most famous Bodybuilding shows and also hosts the largest fitness Expo. Not knowing what to expect we brought 450 sets of Bodylastics for sale.

At the last minute I came up with an idea to get people to try it. We challenged guys walking by, some huge some average size to curl all four elastics (the max resistance at that time) 30 times. Well, that definitely drew ‘em in!

Out of about 1000 only about 30 could do it and let me tell you something, everyone was raving about the product. People were so blown away by the product that we sold out in 1.5 days!! These guys could not believe how well Bodylastics worked their muscles. You won’t believe it either!
Easy On The Joints!

Bands do not create momentum A Major Cause Of Injury

One of the biggest reasons why many pro athletes are moving to Bodylastics and Resistance Bands for their training is because it provides super effective resistance without the joint pain and injuries.

Have you trained with free weights before? You know that pain that you feel in your joints on a heavy bench press or shoulder press…GONE!

You will feel the best muscle pumps of your life without the joint pain that usually goes along with it.
Resistance Bands Will Not Hurt Your Joints
“I encourage you to ask the professionals
about this product”
How often do you hear that? If you still need confirmation about the validity of this product, we encourage you to show this site to every personal trainer and physical therapist that you can find.

We are 100% confident that they they will confirm what we are saying and actually predict that they will likely order for themselves.

Personal Trainers around the country choose Bodylastics to get their clients in shape, fast! With this commercial quality, compact super system, they can bring a whole health club worth of exercises and resistance right into a home or office space.
The Clincher:
Our Industry leading Customer Service and Guarantees
Yes, we have flooded you with information about the Bodylastics Tube Resistance Bands Systems. However, what good would our product or company be without unrivaled customer service and an iron clad guarantee?

We are so confident that our product will work and is built to the highest standards that we have created a TOTALLY RISK FREE OFFER. In order for us to take care of our customers, we ship every set of Bodylastics with not 1, not 2, but 3 guarantees:
The Bodylastics money back guarantee follows the return policy on Please contact Amazon within 30 days of receiving the product to arrange a return.
We are so sure that our workout system will produce results, that we guarantee that not only will you notice results, but others around you will notice your results as well. Here’s how it works – if you follow our program with the suggested routines and frequency for 6 weeks – we will guarantee that someone you know will confirm your progress.

That’s right! If after 6 weeks someone you know does not notice that you are looking different and say, “Wow! what have you been doing?” or “Are you working out?” or something to that effect, send it back for a refund of the purchase price.
The terms of the Lifetime Warranty are as follows:

Replacements in the First 90 days:
US, CA, UK or EU shipping addresses: FREE of charge
All other countries: Market price for shipping

Replacements After 90 days:
US, UK or EU shipping addresses: $£€5.95 per item
CA: CAD 8.95 per item
All other countries: Market price for shipping
*Free Replacement Not Applicable For Products Used In Commercial Settings
Let's Wrap This Up
  • What if there was an exercise machine that rivaled the most expensive home gyms and health clubs yet fit in a 1 foot by 1 foot nylon bag?
  • What if you could get body and life changing workouts on your terms…when it is convenient for you, where it is convenient for you?
  • What if you could get the results of traditional weight training pain free – without the joint pain and stress?
My mission from day 1 was to create a home/travel exercises system that would rival anything else on the market, yet would be affordable to everyone.

Start using the workout system and I am 100% positive that you will start seeing results within the first six weeks (actually between weeks 3 and 4). I believe in my product, I use it, and I know what it has done for me and thousands of others.

The fact is that if you don’t feel different and look different in less than 6 weeks…if others don’t notice a change in you…if your daily tasks don’t seem easier..then I don’t want your money. I WANT you to ask for a refund!

My mission is to get this product into your hands so that you can experience the life changing effects of exercise and specifically Bodylastics.
Yes, Blake! I’m Ready To
look and feel amazing!
Please Rush Me A Bodylastics Stackable
Super System as fast as humanly possible.
Band Sets, Single Bands & Accessories
Shop our amazing catalog of individual bands, Sets and accessories/components
Stackable Clip / Flat Band Sets and Single Clip Bands:
31 Pcs Set - 404 lbs
21 Pcs Set - 262 lbs
19 Pcs Set - 202 lbs
15 Pcs Set - 156 lbs
14 Pcs Set - 142 lbs
12 Pcs Set - 96 lbs
Flat Bands Set
Orange 30 lbs. Clip Band
Purple 23 lbs. Clip Band
Black 19 lbs. Clip Band
Blue 13 lbs. Clip Band
Red 8 lbs. Clip Band
Green 5 lbs. Clip Band
Yellow 3 lbs. Clip Band
Band Accessories:
2 Ankle Straps
2 Handles
Band Protector
Large Gym Bag
Band Anchors:
Door Anchor Attachment
Large Anywhere Anchor
Small Anywhere Anchor
Ultra Door Anchor
Resistance Band Strength Workout Videos:
10 Minute Arms
12 Complete Workouts
10 Minute Chest
12 Complete Workouts
10 Minute Back
12 Complete Workouts
10 Minute Abs
12 Complete Workouts
10 Min Shoulders
12 Complete Workouts
10 Minute Legs
12 Complete Workouts
10 Min All Muscle Groups
72 Complete Workouts!
Worldwide delivery
Bodylastics products are sold and shipped worldwide.
For orders outside of the U.S.A. please click here.
Lifetime Warranty
All Bodylastics products are covered by our lifetime warranty. If anything snaps, breaks or fails please contact us for replacement. 
Money Back Guarantee
Bodylastics offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your product to arrange for a return.