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Resistance Bands Video Workout Store
Resistance Bands workout programs designed specifically to guarantee your results.
Now Get 90% Better Results With Your Bodylastics Product - Guaranteed
We Have a Resistance Bands Workout For You:
Strength Workouts
Build incredible muscle with the most effective resistance on the planet. Increase muscle strength and size without the wear and tear on your joints.
Cardio Workouts
Cardio workouts with bands? Heck yes! Experience what LIVEex members have raved about for years: the absolute BEST cardio workouts on the planet!
Flexibility Workouts
Coming Soon! Use your resistance bands to help stretch your muscle and joints in ways that you NEVER thought possible. You will just move better!
On Demand Everywhere
The Bodylastics Resistance Bands Video Workouts Store lets you stream or download your workouts so you can workout anywhere at anytime.
Results that you can't believe!
Legit! We offer a "secret sauce" with your Bodylastics product that will insure the best results possible. What is this secret sauce?
It's our Resistance Bands video workouts powered by LIVEexercise!
There are a number of advantages with our Resistance Bands Workouts:
Just follow along
It couldn't be easier: simply start the video and then follow along. Guess work - Gone!  
No more excuses! These amazing routines combined with super compact loop bands means you can exercise anytime, anywhere!
Tons Of  Video Routines
This program is in a super easy format. Simply Start the video and then just follow along.
Training Partner = Better Results
It has been proven that working out with a partner yields better results. Our instructor is also your workout partner.
Rob L.
“Awesome website with knowledgeable dedicated trainers who sweat it out with you. The program's change constantly keeping it interesting and forcing the body to improve. I love training with resistance bands as it gives me the intense training I'm after while being gentle on the joints. You guys rock!”
John L.
“Got me back into shape when i stopped working out and after doing chiseled for 4 months constant now I am probably as strong or stronger and leaner then I have been since my high school football days.”
Your Downloads Are Waiting...
Once you purchase one of the 4 week programs, your workouts are immediately available. You can instantly start streaming and downloading. Best of all, these amazing classes are less than $.90 each. Build an incredible library of the best video routines, that can go with your and your bands EVERYWHERE. Enjoy!