Over 140 of the top gym exercises without the gym

Well, the statement above is not really true. This product is so versatile that the actual number of exercises is only limited by your imagination and creativity. However, to get you started, we start you off with the most effective exercises used for decades, to build the worlds best bodies.

You arrived at this site because you are looking for a home gym/exercise product, to exercise your body, which will in turn make you look and feel better, right? Well, first and foremost, what should an exercise product be able to provide? Exercises!!!


To see a sample of exercises for a specific
muscle group simply clip on an image below:

Bodylastics Sample Abs Exercises Bodylastics Sample Arm Exercises Bodylastics Sample Back Exercises Bodylastics Sample Chest Exercises Bodylastics Sample Leg Exercises Bodylastics Sample Shoulder Exercises


You need exercises to build muscle…Done!
You need exercises to tone up…Done!
You need exercises to dominate your sport…Done!
You need exercises to rehabilitate an injury…Done!



Sport and goal specific training - Bodylastics exercises used in the right combination can help you reach your goals – FAST! Click on an image below for more details:

  Bodylastics Sports Specific Baseball Workout Bodylastics Sports Specific Golf Workout Bodylastics Sports Specific Tennis Workout Bodylastics Sports Specific Martial Arts Workout  


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